Social Media Marketing for Every Goal

"If your website is the trunk of your online presence, Social Media is what gives it legs."

Everybody knows that Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to get your business seen.  Unfortunately, many business owners still have little idea how use it effectively. 

Social Media is not like other marketing methods

Unlike traditional advertising methods like newspaper ads or billboards, Social Media has the power to put your products and services in front of exactly the people who are most likely to buy.  This is it’s super power:

Hyper-targeted delivery of your company’s brand and value directly to your ideal consumer.

Who Has Time to Run Their Own Social Media?!

If you’ve ever had that thought, don’t worry.  You are not alone.  

The grind of maintaining your own Social Media presence is daunting to many business owners – especially if they don’t understand all the available platforms and how to use them effectively.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and so many others!  Keeping up your own social media is a tremendous task.  And that’s why small business owners hire us to maintain and develop their online, social media presence.

Social Media Marketing - Our Approach

We never use Social Media Marketing just to add another service into our packages.  We use SMM strategically and only in the ways that are most likely to generate results for your business.  Each social platform has its own uses, its own advantages and disadvantages.  Depending on your business goals, only some social platforms (or even no social media presence at all) will make sense.  That’s why we weave Social Media Management in strategically with other digital marketing methods to generate the highest return on your investment.

Step 1) Analyze your business goals
Step 2) Develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan
Step 3) Deploy your marketing dollars in the most powerful and strategic way possible.

"But Hiring an Agency is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE!"

We understand.  The prices a lot of agencies out there are charging are absolutely ridiculous.  That’s why we offer simple, easy to understand packages for all of our marketing services – packages that are well within the budget of most businesses.

And we’ll explain everything we’re doing too.  You’ll never be left wondering what we’re up to or how we’re using your advertising dollars.  In this world of big agencies charging insane fees, we strive to offer meaningful, impactful Social Media Marketing services at rates that are reasonable and fair.

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