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Small Business Local SEO
What if you could consistently get new customers without spending money of paid advertising?

Paid ads are often skipped over by Google searchers and over advertising can hurt your brand image.  Plus they can get extremely expensive – especially if you aren’t an ads expert.

That’s why Local SEO is so important.  Local SEO is the key to ranking high in the search engines (like Google) when customers in your area search for the products and services your business provides. 

And best of all, the traffic you get from these local searches is completely FREE.  Once your website starts ranking, you may never have to use paid advertising again.

Turn Your Website into a 24/7 Salesperson

Want more customers?  More local customers right in your area calling or visiting you business?  They you need to get your website found on Google.

Almost half of all searches on Google are from people requesting local information.  If you want to get more customers and you’re not taking advantage of these local searches, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Roaring Lion Digital can help you get found by local people who want the products and services your business offers.  We take care of all the work both on and off your website to build up the authority of your website so Google and other search engines will place you higher in the search rankings.  Ranking high in Google is not an easy thing to accomplish but our system has proven very effective for clients across many different industries.

Affordable Local SEO Services

If you’ve shopped around for Local SEO services, chances are you’ve had a major sense of sticker shock. There are many companies out there charging a boatload of money without even being able to tell you exactly what you’ll be getting in return. SEO is such a foreign territory to most people that it’s easy for these companies to take advantage of you.

That’s where we’re different. We provide clear, up-front pricing and will tell you exactly what to expect. Every month you will receive a clear report of the work done and we are always more than happy to explain every detail. Actually, we’re kind of nerds about this stuff so you might need to shut us up!

We understand the ins and outs of getting your business ranked in the local search engines without charging huge fees like many of the larger agencies. We’re small business owners ourselves so we respect your budget and treat you how we’d like to be treated. We will help you rank high, get more high quality reviews, be mentioned on notable websites in your industry and establish local authority.

So how exactly do we charge for our services?  
  • We charge a fair, hourly rate for services based on the project and track our time spent to the minute.
  • When we utilize outside services, we charge a reasonable management fee for any work performed by our expert contractors.
  • That’s it!
"Our website saw significant very early gains in our SEO performance, and even outranked several national organizations in my specific market for local searches within a matter of weeks...something I had not expected to accomplish at all. Very impressive work!"
-Jeremy B.
Local Business Owner

Our Approach to Local SEO

At Roaring Lion Digital we use a systematic approach to getting you the best results possible in the most transparent ways possible.  Every client we work with receives monthly reports on the work done for them and the results achieved.  No tricks.  No games.

Step 1: Analysis

All local SEO campaigns begin with getting a clear picture of the results you want to achieve.  Then we move on to research the intensity and depth of SEO work that will be necessary to get you your results.  For some companies, we can achieve what they are looking to achieve in a month or two.  For others with a less established presence or higher competition, we may have to look at a 6-12 month SEO campaign with ongoing maintenance.  Whatever your case is, you can be sure that we’ll do what must be done to get you results.

  • Website and Current SEO Analysis: We begin each project by looking at the overall health of your website.  Often we find that just a few tweaks to the website are enough to start getting results.  We’ll look at the speed of your site, your current rankings in the search engines, how well your site is optimized to attract customers, and a range of other metrics.This is where we check the health of your website. 
  • Competition Analysis: The primary goal of SEO is to get you placed above your competition for your target keywords.  That’s why we take the time to analyze your competition and the methods they are using to generate new business.  If something is working for them, you can be sure we’ll look for ways to use the same methods to drive new business for your company.  
  • Traffic Analysis: We’ll look at and analyze how often your current website is getting visitors and how they are finding you.  This can often surface your necessary action steps very quickly.

Local Keyword Research

This is one of the most important steps in our Local SEO process.  SEO is all about the art of getting you ranked for keywords that drive new traffic.  So we make sure on the front end that we’re spending our time and your hard earned dollars focusing on the most powerful keywords for your niche.

Often this approach will show us keywords that you are very close to ranking for – the low hanging fruit keywords.  We’ll be able to work on ranking those immediately.  Then we’ll also discover what keywords are being used in your area to signal ‘buying intent’ – which is marketing speak for the keywords that indicate people searching who are likely ready to make a purchase.

Getting Started

The next part of the process is to take all of that upfront work and start putting it into action.  This is the exciting time when we put in motion the activities that will drive your future SEO success.

On-Page SEO: This is where we work on your existing website to make the necessary tweaks to improve your search engine performance.  Your website is the asset you can best control so we do everything we can to maximize it’s effectiveness.  This can include technical aspects of your website as well as generating new content that will get the search engines to notice and recommend your pages.

Off-Page SEO:  This is by far the more challenging (and powerful!) part of SEO – where we work with other website owners in your niche to get your website mentioned and linked to – often referred to as building backlinks.  The search engines put incredible emphasis on this factor so we do to.  And it works. Additionally, we will work with you to generate positive local PR by generating positive reviews and press coverage.

Measuring and Reporting

All of our efforts are closely monitored for effectiveness.  If something is working, we will focus more on that effort.  If something we’re doing isn’t moving the needle, we’ll drop it and focus your budget on more effect tasks.  Our relationship with your company is an ongoing process that is continually tweaked until you get the results you desire.

Keyword Reports: Every month we will give you a report showing how your website is performing for each of our target keywords.  This allows us to track how our work is progressing and where we may need to apply more or less resources.

Google Analytics Reports: We use Google’s powerful analytics tools to monitor the results of your SEO campaign and understand the types of people that are visiting your website. 

Overview Reports: We understand that a lot of these terms are probably foreign to you and maybe even intimidating.  That’s why you will also get a report every month that explains our efforts and results in simple English.  Even if you don’t understand what your CTR and SERP stats are, you will still be able to get a clear view of how our work together has impacted your business from month to month.


How long does it take to rank?

Ah, the $10 Million Dollar question! 

There is no reliable formula for determining how long it will take your site to rank.  We have been able to rank sites in less than 3 hours and then others have taken 3-12 months to start to see meaningful results.  It all depends on your industry and competition.  However, you should start to see the needle move within 2-6 months.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We have written agreements with all of our clients that lay out reasonable expectations and pricing for the work to be done.  However, we do not require long term contracts and you are free to end your relationship with Roaring Lion Digital at any time with 10 days advance notice.

We do request that you give the SEO process at least 3-6 months to generate results but ultimately it’s your decision.

How does your pricing work?

Our pricing is very simple and we are more than happy to provide you an with itemized invoice for all work performed.  Most of our services are billed by the hour but others, like custom content creation or building backlinks, are done on a flat fee basis which will be disclosed before any work is started.

We also offer package deals at different price points that include a suite of services.

What is your approach to SEO?

We keep things simple at Roaring Lion Digital.  We consult with you regarding your budget, needs and business goals.  Then we look for the most high impact, streamlined approach to generating you tangible results.  

And we never over sell you.  If you don’t need it, we’re not going to force anything. 

Do I have to write the content?

We always give you the option of creating your own content but we also have a team of professional content writers that have worked with virtually every industry.  Additionally, we can take your existing content and optimize it for SEO purposes.

How do you pick the keywords?

Keyword research is a deep and complex topic but we try to keep it simple.  We start by asking you what keywords you want to rank for.  Then we use our professional tools and resources to analyze the local environment and determine if those are the best keywords for your business.  We may keep your keywords or suggest new ones that are more likely to help your business attract new customers.